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Athlete Information

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Start Times
 WAVE 1 7:00am 
 WAVE 2 7:02am 
 WAVE 3 7:04am 
 WAVE 4. 7:06am 
 WAVE 5. 7:08am 
 WAVE 6. 7:10am 
 WAVE 1-5. 9:30am 
 WAVE 6-7. When 6-8 age group completes the triathlon.
 WAVE 8-9. When 9-11 age group completes the triathlon.
 WAVE 1. 7:00am 
 WAVE 2. 7:02am 
 WAVE 3. 7:04am 
 WAVE 4. 7:06am 
 WAVE 5. 7:08am 
 WAVE 6. 7:10am 

Important Race Information

  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike. Chin straps must be fastened at all times.
  • No assistance other than from a race or medical official is allowed.
  • Transition: All equipment must be placed in your selected transition zone. The front bicycle wheel must be placed down on the side of the transition zone. No person shall interfere with another participants equipment or impede their progress. All bar ends must be plugged. No glass containers are allowed in transition.
  • Drafting: Keep at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front. if you move into this zone the pass must be completed within 15 seconds. Keep to the left hand side of the lane of travel unless passing a slower cyclist. You must pass on the right. Riding on the right side of the lane without passing and impeding other cyclists from passing is a blocking offence. Once passed you must immediately exit the draft zone from the rear. 
  • Competitors must follow the course. Cutting the course is an obvious violation! Cyclist shall not cross a solid center lane and must observe the applicable traffic laws at all times.
  •  Foul, harsh, argumentative, abusive language and unsportsmanlike conduct directed to a race or organizing official, volunteer, spectator or fellow triathlete is forbidden and will result in DQ.
  • Use of headphones or telephones while racing is not allowed. Telephones may be carried but stored out of sight and used only when dismounted and off course.
  • Helmet and bike stickers must be worn including run bib numbers. 
  • Body marking is mandatory.
  • Wetsuit use is determined before the race start. 
  • Should  you abandon the race return your timing chip to the time keepers at the finish line immediately. 
  • TSA race rules will be enforced by on course race referees.
  • Race cut off times.
  • Olympic. Swim - 1hr. Bike - 2 hrs (3hrs total). Run - 1.5 hrs (4.5hrs total).
    Sprint. Swim - 45 mins. Bike - 75 mins (2hrs total). Run - 1 hr (3hrs total).
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