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Sold Out!
We’re sold out for the Olympic distance tomorrow.
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Lake Water Temp
Lake water temp today was 22.5 degrees. TSA will take the temp the morning of but it looks like it is going to be close as the cut off is 22 degrees. Bring wetsuits in case.
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 is open online until Friday evening and will reopen Saturday afternoon until Saturday evening. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MORNING BEFORE THE RACE.
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The event schedule and start times have been updated - click here.
Updated start lists - click here.

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Is now  closed. Late entries will be accepted tomorrow at Troisport from 1pm to 7pm, cash only accepted.
Online registration will open again on Friday and Saturday from 5 pm-7pm. No  entries will be accepted on race mornings.

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A few updates for ELEVEN SUN CITY 😃: 
1. Race entries close on Monday night. 
2. Access to Sun City to collect race packs - the gate agents have the athlete list and will allow you to enter without charge. 
3. Wetsuit use - water temp will be taken on the morning of race day. We do not anticipate wetsuit legal swim but bring in cases. Water temp will be posted during next week as an indication. 
4. Race day parking - is in the main visitor parking lot. Buses are available for transportation to the Cabanas Hotel. 
5. Valley of the waves access bracelets - are handed out after each race. 
6. Packet collection at Troisport on Tuesday from 1pm to 7pm. See you there !!

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and packet collection on Tuesday from 1pm to 7pm. See you there !!! 😃

61 woodlands ave 
Hurlingham, Sandton
Tell: 0113261611

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Wooohooo ELEVEN SUN CITY 2017  is almost here !
See the start list at the link below. Please make sure your info is correct and if not email admin@11global.com. 
We'll be posting updates as they become available, so stay tuned. 

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Check the ELEVEN Sun City 2017 start list - click here!
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